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AP Art History Tours New York City 2017

Two years ago, I "inherited" a group of students in my first year at Pine Crest to take to New York City to tour the major museums for our AP Art History class. It was a terrific experience and it was … [Read More...]

The Maker Movement and Studying History | FCIS 2016 Miami

As promised, here is a copy of my presentation this afternoon, The Maker Movement and Studying History. It is packed with other resources and links, so please grab a copy and do with it what you will! … [Read More...]

Presenting “The Maker Movement and Studying History” at FCIS Miami 2016

One of the fundamental questions educators have is what the future will look like for their students. Our current educational system is undergoing a reformation, faced with the uncertainty and the … [Read More...]

Google Certified Educator Level 1

I've always been a bit of a tech lover and being in education I have felt the need to fine tune my skills so that I can better meet the demands of my students. In a world where information is becoming … [Read More...]

Completed AP Art History Trip to NYC 2015

Since recently taking over the AP Art History program at Pine Crest, it also fell to me to lead the tour to New York City. It's a tough they say! This trip definitely proved to be an … [Read More...]

Serving as External Reviewer and Consultant for FLVS AP Art History

With the new course design on the horizon for College Board's AP Art History, teachers, programs, and organizations across the country are scrambling to be ready for next year. The new course design, … [Read More...]

Excited to Be Joining Faculty at Pine Crest

After much deliberation about the future, I've decided to join the amazing Pine Crest faculty for the upcoming school year. It is a tremendous honor to be selected as a candidate to work there and I … [Read More...]

Selected to return as AP Reader for Art History 2014

Last year, I was given the tremendous opportunity to serve as a reader for AP Art History for the first time in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was an eye-opening experience as I got to meet the various … [Read More...]