Ricard to Teach at Somerset Academy in Pembroke Pines

In a development that has been in the works for several weeks now, I will be accepting a position to start a Latin program at Somerset Academy in Pembroke Pines. The final deal is still pending, but both parties are looking forward towards continuing to build a bright future for the students at Somerset Academy.

The school itself consists of all three levels of education: elementary, middle school, and high school – all of which have distinct buildings and are located on the same campus. The school is also expanding, building a two story cafeteria and media center to be complemented by a brand new, state of the art gymnasium. Both buildings are expected to be opened during the 2009-2010 school year.

As for myself, I will be teaching a few sections of Latin I next year as well as a couple of sections of AP European History and possible Art History as well. The plan is to use the Hans Orberg text series, Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata and continue to develop a program that uses a natural, intuitive method for learning Latin as opposed to a grammatical method. This was the technique I was developing at Doctors Charter School but the program was jettisoned in light of what the administration called “a reduction in force”.

I am looking forward to the challenge of building a new Latin program and trying to get another foothold in south Florida with classical studies. The principal is very supportive and understands the kind of scope we will need to have to realize this vision. If I am able to teach the course with the necessary amount of freedom I need, then the students will love the course and the subject – and I have no doubt that the support will be there for me to develop the Latin program and step up and become the teacher I long to be.