Ricard Now Qualified to Teach Social Sciences 6-12

I recently passed my subject area test for the state of Florida for Social Science 6-12. This means that I am qualified to teach AP European history – which I will be teaching this year in my first year at Somerset Academy. I am looking forward to the challenge as I am a history buff at heart, even if my particular training was focused on antiquity. The emergence of the Renaissance in history, and the context within which it was tempered, is of great interest to me as well. After all, the Renaissance is, at its heart, a revival of thought which dominated antiquity and a strong knowledge of the ancient world would only enhance one’s understanding of the events of the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

The only thing left for me is to take my courses and complete my training so that I can receive my professional’s certification for the state of Florida, a goal I am focused on accomplishing this year.