Italy and Greece Tour a Success

The gang poses for a photo op in the Colosseum
The gang poses for a photo op in the Colosseum

I planned out a 10 day tour of Italy and Greece for my students over the course of the past school year. The tour started in Miami as we flew to Rome by way of Paris. We started our tour there on June 25th and we saw not only Rome, but also Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii and off to Bari.

Once in Bari, we boarded a ferry for an overnight trip to Greece where we landed in Patras. Once there, we journeyed to Delphi and toured the ancient Oracle of Delphi complex and then made our way down to Athens to conclude our trip. We then flew home to Miami again by way of Paris.

While on the trip, I was able to take many photographs (thanks go to Sheri Ridal for her invaluable assistance) as well as put together many film clips of our experiences. My hope is that this will greatly enhance not only my knowledge and experience as a teacher, but also will provide me with more tools to utilize in my classroom.

I have also implemented technology on our trip in order to make it an enjoyable and less anxious affair for parents who sent their children abroad with us. I used Twitter to update the events of the trip in real time from my cell phone. I also was able to upload photographs to the internet when access to the internet was available.

The 13 participants on the tour all had a positive experience and are actually excited at the prospect of going on another tour next year. Even though I am changing schools, I will definitely make the experience available to my former students, as well as my current students.