Gearing Up for AP European History and AP Art History

charlemagne_coronationCurrently I am training in an AP workshop for European history. I have never taught European history, nor have I taught an AP course, but I feel that my experiences in college as an undergraduate and graduate student have given me insight into the kinds of work my students will be faced with. It isn’t so much the content as much as it is the basic training that they will need to focus on. Given the right set of tools, they can go to work in any field and contribute at a high level.

In addition to AP Euro, I will be instructing students for the AP Art History course as well. For me this is a personal victory as I get to go back to my roots as I was trained as an art historian at Florida State and received my bachelor’s degree in the field. I utilized my training while in grad school learning how to be an archaeologist. A vital skill I developed and used in the field as well as when we were excavating it was necessary for me to identify material remains that were discovered in our trench and also help train other students to be able to identify these crucial bits of ancient data.

In addition to building a Latin program at Somerset Academy, a challenge I am eagerly getting started with, I will be expanding my teaching profile by building higher level courses in conjunction with the folks at College Board and the AP program. There is a lot to learn, but it is all very useful in that it can help teachers become even better at their craft and enabling their students to grow and rise to a higher level in their educational pursuits.