Ricard Announced as New Department Chair for Foreign Languages

Recently, I was asked by my department chair, assistant principal and principal to take over the position of department chair for our foreign language department. Our current department chair has been serving in this capacity for a while now and while suffering from some medical ailments, was gracious enough to recommend me for the position.

I look forward to the challenge of taking over the reigns and keeping our department running smoothly. Currently, I am extremely busy with my workload of teaching while also seeking my professional certification and completing my coursework but the challenge of getting involved in the school’s administration is undeniable. There is also the added challenge of pushing students to learn languages not just to satisfy their requirements, but also to guide them towards obtaining skills that they could use in the real world as we move closer towards a globalized society. The added challenge of mixing in the proper amount of exposure to technology also grants the opportunity for innovation which I believe I am well prepared for.

I am honored to be considered for the position and it is with great energy that I will take to the position. I look forward to the hard work and trying to meet the needs of my peers and my students.