Continuing Consultation and Course Administration at Somerset Virtual Academy

I was invited to participate in a great opportunity at the middle part of the 3rd quarter to help launch a new virtual academy project, Somerset Virtual Academy (their main website is currently under construction). Currently, I am teaching three courses online, Latin I, World History (and World History Honors). I was also slated to administrate a World Geography class, but the student no longer needed the solution and withdrew.

I have had experience teaching online courses before. As a graduate teaching assistant, I helped manage a Gender Studies in the Ancient World course at Florida State in 2003. I also was training with the North Carolina Public Virtual School system back in late 2009.

We are currently using an LMS to manage our course modules, and I am being asked to participate not only as a teacher of record but also as a consultant to help shape our current courses into future solutions that will prove to be more dynamic for students.