Gaining Experience Using Gigapan Camera

Currently I am off in Italy with the American Classical League at the Rome in Situ workshop and gaining some great insight into how to further incorporate technology into the classroom.

One of the things I have been privileged to work with is the Gigapan camera, which you can find out more information on their website here. Basically, it is a chassis that allows a camera to be strapped in for panoramic photos. You can set it up to take 360 degrees or any other types of panoramics that you would like. I have been working with Cedric Ebiner and configuring the camera to take panoramics of the Forum Romanum, the Colosseum, the theater and forum in Pompeii.

Once you have the images, you then stitch them using Gigapan’s software and can upload them to their site or even to Google Earth. The project is sponsored by Carnegie Mellon and Google. I will post an update as soon as the panoramics go live.