Excited to Be Joining Faculty at Pine Crest

After much deliberation about the future, I’ve decided to join the amazing Pine Crest faculty for the upcoming school year. It is a tremendous honor to be selected as a candidate to work there and I had many great opportunities lined up for the next school year. Pine Crest stood out to me because of their academic reputation and their track record for backing their teachers.

One of the things that seems to be lacking in today’s educational environment is not so much that teachers are not talented and dedicated to their students, but they are all too often abandoned by their administrators, politicians, and community. As a teacher who has taught Latin at two different schools now, founding a Latin program at one of them, I have also seen this unfortunate situation up close. With the folks at Pine Crest, I feel there is a drastically different situation there. My interview was not of the¬†typical variety; the entire department came out to meet with me and we had a friendly conversation about pedagogy and goals for our students. The administrative team has made me feel very welcome and at home and, more importantly, has been very supportive of the idea of starting a Latin program.

Pine Crest had a Latin program years ago but closed it up when the teacher that was running it decided to retire. I was pressed by a parent at the time, back in 2009, who also worked with me to approach them about Latin. Funny how things come back around in their own time.

This year, I will be helping teach freshman about world history but the goal is to restart the Latin program. I am very excited about this future endeavor and also honored to be joining the team at Pine Crest.