Pine Crest Junior Classical League Set For State Forum in Orlando 2018

I was brought to Pine Crest to develop a Latin program and in our third year, we are showing signs of exciting growth.

Not only have we hired another teacher, to teach Latin I Honors and Latin II Honors classes, we also offer Latin III Honors and will expand to AP Latin next year. We also have a lively JCL chapter here known as the Pine Crest Junior Classical League or PCJCL. It has taken some time to develop, but this year we participated in our first ever regional forum at Northeast High School and we jumped into certamen competition at both Level II and Advanced. We came away with 4 medals for 6 participants – 3 bronzes for a 3rd place finish in certamen Advanced and 1 gold medal for classical art in the academic testing category. Not too bad!

We have just been approved for our trip to Orlando to participate in the state forum. It will be our first time and my second (attended with a small contingent from my Somerset program at the time). We plan on heading up to Disney the first day, then being well-represented at the convention over that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday period in April. This will build camaraderie as well as publicize the fact that Pine Crest Latin is a program on the rise!