Serving as External Reviewer and Consultant for FLVS AP Art History

With the new course design on the horizon for College Board‘s AP Art History, teachers, programs, and organizations across the country are scrambling to be ready for next year. The new course design, which will have a core of 250 images contained within 10 defined content areas, will begin in the fall of 2015 with the exam coming in May of 2016.

Florida Virtual School is one of the largest, if not oldest, public educational institutions that serves its community through an online environment. With such a large reach, it was critical that their AP Art History program reflects the necessary content changes in time for the redesign implementation.

John Ricard has not only served as an AP reader for the past two years (2013 and 2014 in Salt Lake City, Utah), but has taught AP Art History for 5 years now and has even written test items for College Board’s item drive in 2013 as well as for other publications. He has also taught AP Art History in an online setting, doing so as an instructor with Somerset Virtual Academy a few years back – which was leasing its programming from FLVS. With that kind of varied experience and background, Ricard became an excellent solution as a consultant to help FLVS review its content for the upcoming redesign.

Selected to Write Questions for New AP Art History Exam

The AP Art History exam is going to be undergoing a change. In 2016, there will be more of a focus on the global contributions to art and the exam will reflect that.

This is a tremendous professional development opportunity for myself as I get to peak behind the scenes on how the exam is developed and how the new format is being retooled.

Entering my 5th year teaching AP Art History, I have already gained tremendous insight and experience as a reader this past June in Salt Lake. As a group, we graded tens of thousands of essays from all students who participated in the AP Art History exam and the experience has helped me re-think the way I teach the course and ways I can be more efficient with my students. Having an understanding for the upcoming changes to the exam also gives me a great advantage in being prepared for the new format slated to take shape in only a few years, which also benefits my students tremendously.

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