Curriculum Vitae Updated as of January 2014

Just a quick update to my curriculum vitae to reflect my current teaching position at University School at Nova Southeastern University.

USchool is a private college preparatory school located on the campus of Nova Southeastern University. The move offered me an opportunity to teach in a private school environment with opportunities and challenges not normally found in most secondary educational institutions. The new CV reflects my professional changes and also will be updated should I take on any further projects, talks, or other positions. Get a copy of my latest curriculum vitae here.

Curriculum Vitae Updated as of July 2013

With the recent professional development opportunities I have participated in, I have taken the time to update my curriculum vitae to reflect those developments.

Most notably, I have presented at the American Classical League’s LXVI Institute at the University of Memphis under the aegis of the Technology Committee. Our presentation was technology themed, “Fluency in Geek: Growing Classics Programs Through Technology”, and I shared the framework of the 5 C’s of Educational Technology as well as several resources to use in the classroom.

I also participated as a reader for AP Art History in Salt Lake City, Utah for the first time. It was a tremendous professional development opportunity and I also met a lot of interesting and amazing colleagues that I hope to stay in touch with and possibly collaborate on future projects with. From this opportunity I also was selected to be a part of the AP Art History exam revision, which will officially get into place in 2016. I will help write several test items, or questions, for the exam.

Please visit my Curriculum Vitae page to view my latest edition of my CV.

Selected as AP Reader for Art History; Salt Lake City 2013

I recently returned from the AP Reading for Art History in Salt Lake City, Utah this week.

From June 9th to June 17th I was in Salt Lake City with about 80 or so other Art History teachers and professors from around the country, reading the thousands of essays of AP students from this most recent exam. There are 8 questions on the exam and our job was to rate them based on the rubrics for each question.

We churned out ratings for some, unofficially, 24,000 essays. It was a very rewarding experience as a teacher that not only familiarized me further with the AP exam and its format, but the process of how it is scored. This insight will serve a tremendous advantage to my future students who will benefit from my experience as I further shape my classroom experience towards what the students will be asked to do on their exam.

I also regard this as a great experience to meet other teachers and professors from across the country who have helped given me insight into our subject and the latest developments going on in Art History at not only the secondary level, but in the post-secondary level as well.


Welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find the latest news on the projects I am involved in as well as my academic and professional credentials. I also have outlined some of my major philosophical points on education as well as my views on the integration of technology with education.