Career Objective

To obtain a position for the instruction of the Latin language, ancient Greek, and the history of antiquity.

I have experience in establishing and growing a Latin program and can adapt to the needs of both a small school or even a larger institution. Utilizing limited resources, I have been able to maximize the educational value for my students instructing them rigorously in the subject of Latin through a plethora of tools. For example, the creation and construction of a Latin-focused website has allowed my students a place to do more research on topics concerning ancient Rome as well as provide a centralized place to interact and practice using the language.

My immediate academic interests are in the grammar and spoken word of Latin – I believe an active mastery of the language is not only possible, but vital to the mastery of any language. In fact, I believe that the best way to learn Latin, just like other modern languages, is through the “natural method” which builds on students’ natural ability to recognize vocabulary and grammar of Latin. This also helps students to think in Latin and will greatly increase their proficiency in the language enabling them to pick up random Latin texts and read them as they would literature from their own native language.

To develop a more efficient and modern method for the study of Classics.

I believe that with the growing field of technology and the never-ending innovations that seem to be introduced to the public daily, we also need to consider a change in how we are teaching – and reaching – our students. The study of the Classics is already meant with hesitation, and if we cannot find a way to adapt our methods for its instruction then there will be less of a chance for its survival. It is my objective to utilize new technologies in order to make the study of the Classics more accessible to all students no matter where they are located and what their exposure level is. I have developed my own web sites to accomplish this and have had experience not only teaching online courses, but in consultation and development of these same materials.