Archaeology Club Goes to Deering Estate

On March 23rd, the Archaeology Club attended a field trip at the Deering Estate in order to learn about archaeological methodology. The Deering Estate had set up a mock dig where students could excavate in a make-shift trench and look for various items that are reflective of the cultures in the area – namely, the Tequesta Indians.

We arrived at 10:30am and were greeted by two tour guides who took us through the nature preserve at Deering, showing us various native flora and the kinds of food the Tequesta Indians had available to them through their environment. The students were excited to try berries and cloves picked off the various trees and off the ground – the big winner was the pepper grass which had a minty and peppery taste to it.

Due to time constraints, we were not able to explore the many other options the park had for us. We did, however, hang out by the bay and watched three manatees swimming around. We then departed and had lunch at Johnny Rockets.

The students enjoyed their trip and we will have a discussion about the trip in more detail at our next Archaeology Club meeting in April on the 15th.


John Ricard's Philosophy of Education

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. -Plutarch

I believe my job as a teacher is not limited to the classroom but in fact starts there. As an educator and a possible role model for my students, I believe strongly that I also have to be positively engaged in their lives. There are many ways to do this and become an active part in helping shape their lives among which is taking part in extra-curricular activities.

Soccer Program Director and Coach at Doctors Charter School

While at Doctors Charter School, I wanted to get more involved in athletics as I feel that would be an avenue to help build school spirit and pride as well as expose my influence as a teacher to students who are not enrolled in Latin. I also feel it is an opportunity for me to exercise my intellectual interests in creating a team and helping form leaders and commraderie in our school. After all, “mens sana in corpore sano” is the ultimate goal.

I was able to not only build up the program from a middle school boys team to both a middle school and high school boys program, but I was also able to secure sponsorship for new uniforms and help obtain new equipment. I also built a website to be used by both the girls’ and boys’ programs in order to increase visibility for the team and awareness of our school. I even was able to design a logo, which was never officially used.

EESAC Chairman at Doctors Charter School

As a new teacher, I wanted to learn more about the role standardized testing plays in determining the grade of a school as well as its influence on the curriculum. I decided to join the Educational Excellence School Advisory Committee in order to achieve just that and in addition was also elected the committee’s chair. Some responsibilities of the position were creating agenda for the meetings, setting meeting times, administrating motions and elections, examining and helping to update the bylaws, and managing in the creation of the school’s SIP (School Improvement Plan). As an “A” rated school, keeping a challenging curriculum in place is the main goal.

Founder of Archaeology Club at Doctors Charter School

As I have both avid enthusiasm for archaeology and professional experience, I decided to establish an archaeology club at Doctors Charter School in order to open up interests to students that could extend beyond the Latin language.

The club was met with great success as enrollment has been pretty steady. We have successfully planned several field trips, among which were visiting local museums and parks – each trip focused on the material remains of antiquity or the methodologies of archaeology.

We also were able to successfully plan two international trips, one to Italy last summer and another trip is planned for Italy and Greece this summer. All these experiences have fundamentally helped students in making comparisons to ancient cultures from their own culture as well as create greater interest and awareness in the field of classical studies.

Founder of Internet Design and Media Club at Doctors Charter School (2007-2009)

With the explosion of the internet and its tidal wave-like influence on our lives, I decided to meld my interests in the web with the idea of training students at Doctors Charter School in the field of web design. Since technology is more immediate to today’s students, as they are “technology natives” comfortable with its uses, a club built around the idea of exploring the opportunities the internet could provide becomes apparent.

The focus of the IDMC was to provide students the opportunity to create their own web sites that could be utilized by school clubs, students, faculty and even administration. Dealing with a limited amount of technology at a small school was a challenge, but one that was met through the enthusiasm and dedication of the students themselves who often would donate their own hardware and software to the activities of the club. The IDMC is now quickly taking on many projects as it has finally taken root and become a more established club at the school.


Collage of Pantheon in RomeSalvē.

This is the virtual portfolio for my professional experience and achievements. Here you will find a wealth of information on who I am as a teacher, my philosophy as an educator, and updates on some of the latest projects I am involved in.

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