Latin Eliminated from DCS

In a controversial move, the administration of Doctors Charter School has decided to eliminate the Latin program.

The school has only been opened for a short while now, and an integral part of the curriculum was the Latin program. In previous years, two Latin teachers were on the faculty at DCS, requiring Latin in the 7th and 8th grades, and offering it to the high school level as well. This was a crucual part of the college preparatory program that was growing at Doctors Charter School.

The administration cited financial burdens as the reason for eliminating the program, despite my evidence to the contrary. Likewise, the community was filled with protests against eliminating the Latin program – students, their parents and the community at large did not support the move to shed Latin. Several Facebook groups spawned in order to mobilize the protest, but ultimately efforts failed because the administration was not open to communicating about compromise and there was no support for the community to be heard among the board members.

This is ultimately a story of failure of communication and totalitarianism.  Unfortunately, the real losers here are the students who now will only be able to select Spanish as their language course. The administration is pushing for students to enroll in Florida Virtual School instead of having an on-campus teacher. DCS does not have the technological infrastructure in place to support such a move and if they wanted to, they would have to invest more capital into the project – which would make the cost-cutting measure of shedding Latin moot.