DCS Students Organizing to Keep Latin

Non fumus est sine igne.

Doctors Charter School, due to budget concerns, has recommended scaling back its Latin program. The proposal, made by the administration to the school board on February 19th, was to cut the classroom-based program in favor of a virtual school alternative.

The students are not supportive of the measure.

Currently, students at DCS are organizing to voice their displeasure over the idea of dropping Latin in favor of moving it to an online format. The students cite several reasons for keeping Latin at DCS, for example the benefits Latin bestows for acquiring and expanding vocabulary as well as helping to “beef” up applications for college, aside from the fact that they actually enjoy the course.

The next board meeting is March 19th and the students are expected to appear en masse to show their support for keeping Latin at DCS.

Club Updates: Internet Design and Media Club, Archaeology Club

Some updates from two clubs I sponsor at Doctors Charter School:

Internet Design and Media Club

The IDMC met on Monday and we discussed how to modify a WordPress CMS theme. I showed students how to download a new theme, unzip the file, then, using an FTP program like Filezilla, I showed them how to upload the file and access it through the admin control panel. The students were then allowed to repeat the process on their own in order to reinforce what we have learned.

In doing so I also was able to explain the students some considerations of a web design such as the layout in conjunction with the standard resolution which most people use when looking at web sites. We were able also to discuss what CSS was versus PHP, HTML and other coding systems used in web design.

Archaeology Club

We had our second meeting this month on Wednesday, February 25th which we used to plan for our upcoming field trip to the Deering Estate where the students will get first-hand experience as archaeologists. The program at DCS will not only teach them about the archaeological process, but also give them the chance to go into the field and actually excavate.

A good start

Well, this is kind of the first draft for my virtual portfolio/CV. It has a mix of all kinds of information ranging from a brief biography of myself and my background to my educational background, experiences so far as a teacher, and other items I think are important for an aspiring teacher. Please feel free to leave a comment on how you think I did or if you would like to see other information added.

Coming Soon

This website will serve as a professional reference for all things John Finley Ricard.

I am going to be using this site to feature various professional works and interests of mine as well as serving as a virtual portfolio of sorts. If you are interested in learning more about my work and what kind of services I have to offer, just stay tuned as I will be uploading that information shortly.